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PRTG Network Monitor

posted Jan 21, 2011, 6:41 AM by Drew Bramham
Not that anyone else around here would have known, but I have been using MRTG to monitor my routers for years.  It has served me well.  Right now, I have been switching our sites over to a Bell network that will provide us with a WAN and a single internet connection.  The setup for MRTG is... well, fun if you like programming.  During all the changes, trouble shooting, and never ending problems on Bell's side, I have been slapping up new configs and IP changes on my routers, sometimes hourly.  My new Bell links are constantly slowing down to unusable speeds and I need to know if it is because of traffic on my network or problems on their side (so far it has always been problems on their side).  Right now is when I could really use some traffic data, but my MRTG config is severely out of date.  There may be solutions to keeping MRTG up to date when changes come as frequently as they have been, but I figured I would give PRTG a try.  It seems like it would be a great tool that I can use to monitor my links during times of change.  With the Windows GUI and web GUI, it should be easy enough to configure that I can keep it up to date during rapid network changes.
If it works out well enough, perhaps I'll be budgeting for the commercial version and end my secret affair with MRTG.

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