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OnStar - Canceling

posted Jan 30, 2011, 10:23 PM by Drew Bramham
I am trying to cancel my vehicles OnStar subscription and there is no way to do it online.  On the OnStar site, there are links and banners about upgrading your OnStar packedge, buying more calling minutes and anything else that they can bill you for, but not a word anywhere about how to cancel.  Well, that is a lie.  After a word search of the site, I found that they tell you how to cancel your subscription in the "Terms and Conditions" document.  Ok, who reads or wants to read that.  I would not have thought to look there for instructions on how to cancel and if it wasn't for Google, I would have never found it.  It's like having a wiki on how to build a computer and putting a step on how to remove the processor in with a disclaimer about electrocuting yourself.  Obviously, I know I can call to have it cut off, but I just don't like to call people, especially when I'll probably have to spend a half hour on hold.  And in order to call, I have to find the correct number out of all the different ones listed everywhere.  I am probably going to go online to look up the number on the OnStar website, so why can't I cancel it there when they have the ability (almost used "functionality" but kicked myself, that is another topic), to sign you up there.
And for anyone who got here while looking for a way to cancel, the "Terms and Conditions" state to press the blue OnStar button and tell them you want to cancel.  I have not tried yet, but I am sure it won't be as easy as they make it seem.
Just saying I'm annoyed is all...