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posted Jan 14, 2011, 4:30 PM by Drew Bramham
Why is it that the only people you know you can't trust are the ones that you are forced to trust?  Police, Lawyers, Politicians.
Sadly, I see police breaking the law every day while in uniform.  I understand that sometimes they have to in order to do their job, but when an officer jumps his truck onto the sidewalk at a high rate of speed to get around a left turning vehicle and then speeds away, I get a little upset when a few blocks later I see him pull into his driveway.  And really, I wouldn't even care so much because it is a spot where he had good visibility and there was no pedestrians around, but it is also the exact same spot where I did the exact same move in the exact same situation on my motorbike a few months earlier and had the exact same truck pull me over for it.  I have to admit that the officer (same truck, different officer) who pulled me over was courteous and polite for the most part and let me off, but it is the principal of it.  I knew that I shouldn't have done what I did, but it was a safe move and where I live, there is absolutely nothing to do for fun.  My little bit of rebellious joy was quickly squashed for no real reason by police who do the exact same thing all the time.
We need police, but we need police that we can trust.  Everyone breaks the law here and there, whether they mean to or not (off duty police as well), but when an officer puts on their uniform, they should be an example for everyone of a law abiding citizen.  They should hold themselves to a higher standard.  How can they justify pulling someone over for speeding when they caught the offender on radar while speeding themselves?  Whenever a vehicle appears out of nowhere in my rearview mirror on the highway, I know it is a cop.  I am always checking my mirrors and am always aware of what is around me.  They are the only ones driving fast enough to catch me off guard like that.  Too many times I have been passed by a police cruiser and left in the dust on the highway only to find that same cruiser at the coffee shop when I get to town a couple minuets behind them.  What was the need for that?

I guess I'll stop there.  I don't hate police; just find them hard to take sometimes.  I have a bigger grudge against lawyers.  Maybe I'll get in the mood to write about that soon...
I miss the innocence of my youth when I thought I could trust everyone.